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The core of the foundations fund raising is to facilitate regular entertainment program's in many of the UK Hospitals, and Hospices, Our timetable reflects the most needy of placements and settings. This unique service is the first of its kind and hopefully the basis for much more work and awareness of the potential of therapeutic entertainment in the medical setting.

Hospital fundays vary for what is required - they can include:

  • Parties with Breath of Hope entertainers, face painters
  • Celebrity Visits
  • Breath of Hope Days Out
  • funding entertainment stations that include playstations, x-boxes and the latest interactive toys

Through the commitment and dedication of our team we have developed new combinations of the therapeutic arts, such as Drama Therapy, Music and Movement Therapy and married them with Clown skills. We hope that this combination will be a beneficial relationship to support hospital and health staff. These opportunities bring the staff closer to the children's individual personalities, and in an imaginative way promote the development of humour. Children love them even more.

It is regularly noted by Hospital and Hospice staff that following visits from the Breath of Hope crew and the charity services that the Children become more responsive and enthusiastic with their treatment routine. This in turn gives the nurses more time for other work and can in many instances cut the need for extra staff, saving on the hospitals budget. We now have a team of four multifaceted therapeutic entertainers who regularly bring happiness, zeal and enthusiasm to thousands of Children each year, and put into practice these new and valuable services.

All of this work is under- pinned by the generous and heart felt donations from our patrons and the public.






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